Thinkchef - franchise management software

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thinkchef Have you had a turning point in your work? Thinkchef was a springboard for me. I went from being an engineer/specialist to designing an app and leading a team.

About the project

Client: DFT, Hollywood, LA

Goal: Help client design and build an application to manage menus and recipes across multiple restaurants simultaneously

Budget : >$500k

Result: The project was successful with a five-year maintenance package. Additional benefits for the client. The application facilitated rapid deployment of new employees (important because 70% of the restaurant’s staff has been employed for less than a year).

My roles

  • software architect / engineer,
  • team leader


  • architecture design,
  • build MVP,
  • project breakdown,
  • recruiting 2 additional developers,
  • team leadership,
  • providing five years of customer support


  • Meteor
  • Blaze
  • Mongodb



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