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header Network.Gives is a platform for professionals to network with other professionals. The goal is to make meaningful connections with contacts on the platform, not to accumulate “connections” that you will never help or get help from.

About the project

Client: Parhelium, Silesia, Poland

Goal: validate idea, design a business model, design and build an application, build a community around the tool

Budget : >$100k

Result: I had over 150 1-on-1 networking meetings. A team of 3 people and a dozen volunteers was formed. We built a platform MVP used by 25 people. We designed mockups (65 pages) of the production version:

  • Feed NetworkGives
  • Chat NetworkGives
  • Profile NetworkGives
  • Need/Gift sharing capability NetworkGives
  • Ability to create meetings NetworkGives
  • Mobile version NetworkGives

My roles

  • investor
  • software architect
  • team leader
  • networker


  • plan the architecture,
  • build MVP,
  • manage the project,
  • lead the team,
  • networking meetings

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